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Pre-Primary school

Sancta Maria’s Pre-Primary School is committed to ensure that our students embark on a unique educational journey in a setting that provides motivating and inspiring experiences. Our ethos, In Omnia Excellentia, is achieved through an exclusive and well-defined curriculum and a strong emphasis on learning beyond the classroom.

Sancta Maria Faridabad Kids

The faculty, teaching pedagogy and facilities, kindle a love for learning, a respect for cultural diversity and a strong sense of social responsibility amongst the students. We offer them a balanced combination of play-based activities and formal learning methods.

The Pre-Primary School at Sancta Maria consists of Nursery, Pre-Primary 1 and Pre-Primary-2.

Sancta Maria Faridabad Kid


The Pre-Primary School curriculum at Sancta Maria has been designed in alignment with the Cambridge Curriculum. There are four developmental objectives in our curriculum framework for early childhood development:

  •  Personal/Emotional Development
  •  Physical Development
  •  Communication and Language
  • Social Development
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