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Open and consistent communication between the school and the parent community is key to student success and well-being. The school provides various channels for parents to reach out to us and be our partners in ensuring a growth-oriented learning environment.

Institution Resource Planning (IRP)

IRP is a web and mobile based application, where parents can check the progress, attendance and report cards of their child. Parents and students can see the timetable, school calendar, gallery, daily menu, etc. students and staff can reserve books via IRP. Parents can book their time slots for Parent Teacher Meetings and can download fee receipts via their individual login.


Parent-Teacher Student Conferences

PTSC is an important channel for face to face communication between students, parents and teachers. The primary purpose of PTSC’s is to discuss feedback on progress of the child in academic and other areas. They also provide a platform to specialist and subject teachers to engage in meaningful discussion of the progress of the students. We expect the PTSC to be a two-way communication where the parent also has the opportunity to voice feedback, expectations and provide suggestions.

Parent Forum

Parent Forum is similar to Open House but is a more structured platform for the school leadership team to update parents on key developments, seek feedback on important matters and plan collaboratively for the future. 

Parent’s Testimonial

I would like to thank you all for your tremendous effort and hard work in making the Corbett trip a success. This was excellently organized. This was the first time that the kids were not allowed to take their mobiles along with them and initially, it was a little difficult for us to send them but the assurance and positivity in the entire team and kids made us take this decision quite easily. My son Dhairya Vaid (Grade 8) really had the best time with all his friends and loving teachers. He liked all the meals provided and was comfortable in every way. When kids are happy from the inside, it reflects on their faces and you all made it a memorable one.

My special thanks to Nida Ma’am & Shalini Ma’am to make Dhairya feel so happy from the inside out. Your care and efforts meant a lot. Making the effort to send pictures and updates every day in a busy schedule while taking care of kids was not at all an easy task, but the way everything was managed is remarkable. 

Above all, I am grateful to Anvita Ma’am for making this trip a success by boosting the entire Sancta Maria team’s morale. Dhairya told us that Anvita Ma’am joined them on the 3rd day and reached the resort with a little difficulty and it’s really appreciable that she took this decision to join her Sancta Maria family to make them happier in the last two days.

Please accept our thanks and gratitude for making this a super learning and fun trip for the kids. 
Looking forward to more!

Amita Vaid

Parent of Dhairya Vaid - Grade 8, 6th' March 23

I would say that The Sancta Maria school is one of best schools in Faridabad , because the way the teachers teach to student is very nice and My Son is studying here in this school and he is improving day by day due to this school. Environment, Management and administration is excellent. I will definitely suggest the Sancta Maria school to my friends or relatives. All the best to the whole team of Sancta Maria School.

Ravindra Kumar

Parent of Vivek Kumar - Grade 10

Great school with a vision for students. The school gives importance not on academics but on each student’s strength and enhances it giving the kids a boost of confidence with loads of extra curriculum for the kids to choose from.
Priyanka Lunkad

Parent of Shreyans Bhura - Grade 7

Wonderful school with highly qualified and efficient staff. I have actually seen noticeable positive changes in my daughter-like positive and caring attitude. Thanks to the superb guidance of her teachers and efficient management as well.

Mona Kataria

Parent of Kanika Kataria - Grade 5

Our experience at Sancta Maria has been exceptional. My children just LOVE this school. They are happy to be at school. From the teachers to the students to the challenging curriculum, Sancta Maria integrates compassion into their teaching standards, emphasizes the importance of values, and builds leaders through each of their classes and lessons. Teachers are passionate about seeing their students succeed. They are so great about sharing moments of pride they see within child – their good behaviors and achievements. The administration is open minded and think outside the box to make Sancta Maria successful educational experience for the students. Great Team- Great School
Ravneet Bhutani

Parent of Harleen kaur - Grade 1 / Jasnoor Kaur - Grade 3

Let me not talk about academics and qualified teachers, every good school fulfills (more practically, should fulfill) these two requirements. What differentiates SMISF is that, here the students are in a happy place. The way of teaching is not instructive but exploratory… the rules not authoritative but inclusive. What I learnt from them is that, when students are happy, learning happens much faster and easier.
Yamini Gupta

Parent of Sahana Prasanna - Grade 1

“Sowing a seed till it becomes a plant is the tougher job because the right amount of water, sunlight and manure are most important to grow up and become a good and strong tree. Nurturing a child is a similar process – the right amount of knowledge and timely training are most important. It helps the child become responsible and disciplined, which is the most challenging job. Kudos to you for such a fantastic job. Thank you is such a small word for all your hard work. I am so grateful that my son has the opportunity to learn under your guidance. Since the day he started schooling online with you, I have seen much improvement in him. Under your care and support, he learnt colouring. Even holding a colour was getting tough for him, and even concentration was a big issue. Thanks to your faith in him, he is now doing much better in all aspects.
You will always be the inevitable part of Shivin’s growth. Thank you so much from the core of my heart for being Shivin’s great guide/mentor/Guru.”

Priyanka Goswami Malhotra

Parent of Shivin Goswami Malhotra - Nursery

“Kevin is super excited and feels both engaged and motivated since he’s been a part of the Enrichment Programme. It has helped him pursue, and enhance his areas of interest beyond the classroom. I’m thankful to the Sancta Maria team for giving children this wonderful opportunity to explore their skills and for encouraging them to pursue wider goals”

Shweta Archie Jackson

Parent of Kevin Jackson - Grade 6

Best IB school in Faridabad……

Children in Sancta Maria have become inquisitive through the school’s innovative teaching method , attractive curriculum , best and relevant content of teaching materials . Education is not about forcing subjects on a student’s mind , it’s all about making children understand , grasp , reflect , share and get inculcated on various aspects from subjects to extra – curriculum activities …. I strongly believe that Sancta Maria is able to successfully execute these in every child .

My daughter loves going to school and she wants to attend school on the weekends as well.
She has learnt to swim ,dance and paint in such a short time ….. And she cannot wait for winter to start with horse riding classes.

Overall a wonderful school atmosphere , great principal and teachers .

Kristine Stephanie Vishwanath

Mother of Aadya Vishwanath - Grade 2

The best school in Faridabad …….. I am seeing a drastic change in terms of knowledge and overall personality development of my child.

From an introvert , my child has become an extrovert and she is able to express herself .

The school is putting in a lot of effort to identify my kids’ inner talents and are grooming it, unbelievable that my daughter is able to sing !!!!!

Perfect balance of sports and academics ….. Overall the best decision I have made for my child .Commendable job by the principal Anvita Gupta and her team .

Vishwanath Krishnan

Father of Aahana Vishwanath - Grade -3

Sancta  Maria International School is providing a sound platform for overall development of children , be it academics or sports.  Children are focus of teachers and are being imparted good education in a good environment.

Monika Grover

Parent of Arnav Grover- Grade 6

The Sancta Maria School is one of the best IGCSE and IB school in Faridabad. My both kids are students of this school for last 5 years. It is a roller coaster ride for the school as well as for us in these 5years as so many management changes. But after takeover by Sancta Maria, it is the best thing to happen for this school as well as for my kids. Strong management, best faculties who understand the need of the students and overall encouraging environment by the management. As a parent , I am happy with this school.
Alaknanda Mishra

Parent of Aarya Diipta Agasti - Grade 8

We were looking for a curriculum that is new age & progressive and thus we chose Cambridge + IB for our child. However, no curriculum is good unless the institute offering can match up to it. Sancta Maria is an excellent school that offers holistic development that includes academics, extra-curricular & Life Skills. Also, the school follows the concept of synchronous leaning wherein every subject’s discussion revolves around the same concept, gives child a 360 degree perspective. A beyond book way of learning with application based focus and equal opportunities for all students is what makes us as parents content. Sancta Maria is a school where students Learn together, Play together & Eat together!
Vishu Trehan

Parent of Sehej Trehan - Grade 4

I am a person who never would like to walk with the crowd and instead take my own way. Same goes with school selection for my son. Where everyone was looking to admit their wards in much wanted schools in Delhi NCR, I was looking for a hidden gem within this crowd. I have only great things to say about my experience. The teachers are amazing, the curriculum is second to none and each child is treated with care. 

My son is attending nursery. If you have any doubts please go and see Abha, Anu, Garima, Aayushi or the Principal, they’ll put you at ease. from the teachers to the students to the challenging curriculum, SantaMaria integrates compassion into their teaching standards, emphasizes the importance of values, and builds leaders through each of their classes and lessons it allows for a lower student to teacher ratio, giving children more confidence when asking questions, engage in group activities, and opportunities for one-on-one time with the teachers. The school brings out the best in every child by tapping into their individual strengths, while creating an environment of kindness, responsibility, and leadership I highly recommend you to step in for a tour and you’ll know you’ve found another home for your kid. Since the journey has just begun for my son, I will keep posting my yearly reviews over here for all those who are pursuing SantaMaria – I found a gem within a crowd
Ankima Markan

Parent of Durmeher Markan - Nursery

“We would like to thank the Principal and the teaching staff of Sancta Maria International School in exercising outstanding efforts in terms of providing adequate online lessons, guidance amidst these lessons and catering to my child’s need in these gloomy days. We are really happy the way curriculum is shaping up in the online classes. Teachers have painstakingly ensured that online classes are a healthy mix of competitions, quizzes, learning, sharing and fun activities. We as parents can easily feel that the school really values its students and parents in the best possible way.”

“I am writing here as a token of appreciation for the efforts and the initiative taken by the school in the form of the Enrichment programme. Thank you for providing the students with such learning opportunities wherein they can express their views and opinions freely. The Model UN programme is helping the children learn from each other. It activates the students’ imagination and creativity while also enhancing their confidence and communication skills.
Keep up the good work!”

Anjali Bafna

Parent of Uddhav Bafna – Grade 6

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