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At this stage, we instil a love for learning and academic curiosity as students are steered on the path to becoming confident, skilled and responsible individuals. We focus on providing the students with a solid foundation in each subject area.

Our curriculum is inquiry based and concept driven with a strong emphasis on building age appropriate skills among the young learners. The teaching and learning unit has a component of experiential learning wherein the students are able to make connections with the classroom learning and the world outside.

We at Sancta Maria run a strong reading and writing program for the students to gain mastery over the language at an early age.

The Sancta Maria Life Skills program is an inherent component of the curriculum that is curated specially to the meet the needs of the learners in the current scenario. It is dynamic in nature with the scope to include the situational needs as they might arise.

The subjects offered in the Primary school are: 

Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Grade 5
Second Language- HindiSecond Language- HindiSecond Language- HindiSecond Language- HindiSecond Language- Hindi or French
Physical EducationPhysical EducationPhysical EducationPhysical EducationPhysical Education
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