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Boarding Facilities

Residential life

Sancta Maria provides Term and Weekly Boarding Facilities for boys and girls aged 8- 17 years in a personalised, safe and encouraging environment and healthy teacher-pupil ratio. Life at our boarding is a unique and exciting journey for the students as they are surrounded by creative, inspired and like-minded individuals that cross the threshold of adulthood together.

The daily routine on campus is engaging, structured and enriching. The schedule ensures that students indulge in sports, creative activities, study, and the time to follow their passion and interest. A special focus on developing and displaying Sancta Maria’s core values of Integrity, Excellence, Fairness, Respect, Value Creation and Happiness.

Our residences are comfortable, air-conditioned, with modern amenities and attached bathrooms. A lounge area is available for students to unwind, socialise and spend time on their hobbies and interests. We take special care to ensure both nutrition and a variety of food to suit different palates. We offer a Weekly Boarding facility for students who stay on campus from Monday to Friday. Term Boarding is provided for students who stay for the term with weekend outings with guardians and other outings under school supervision.

The boy’s and the girl’s warden provide pastoral care to the students and ensure that each student is taken care of emotionally, physically and socially.

It is truly a home away from home!

Boarding facilities

  • Air-conditioned rooms with attached washrooms
  • Focused training hours – sports & co-curricular
  • Highly secured and safe campus
  • Planned trips and excursions
  • Structured plan for academics
  • Structured bio-rhythm
  • Scheduled outings
  • 24/7 medical facility
  • 24/7 pastoral support system
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